Fleet operators can have a direct influence on the eco-balance of their fleet and thus make a sustainable contribution to saving CO₂ emissions. To do this, they need to know CO₂ consumption, CO₂ savings and the spatial spread of use.

CO₂ Analysis Module

MIA Mobility Engine

The CO₂ dashboard of the MIA Mobility Engine makes it possible to track the CO₂ balance of a fleet. For this purpose, the balance can be tracked as a graph and it is also immediately apparent on a map where action and optimization potentials lie.

Reporting and tracking

Easily achieve targets and regulatory requirements and communicate to stakeholders. Various data analyses in the CO₂ dashboard provide a wide range of data and key figures in a historical framework, which are an important part of public relations and internal reporting.

Environmental footprint of individual sites

If your fleet is station-based, or vehicles are available at fixed locations, CO₂ consumption and CO₂ savings can also be displayed per location and vehicle.

Comparison over time

Powerful filtering options allow you to easily compare different time ranges. With this decisions can be made better and also verified.

Technical Capabilities

CO₂ analysis uses fleet trip data to measure and visualize the environmental footprint. In consultation with customers, we adapt the algorithms so that all stages of the fleet, including deployment and maintenance, are included in the calculations.

  • Visualization of environmental balance on an interactive map
  • Calculation of various key figures in relation to CO₂ consumption, use per vehicle, overall balance, ...
  • Calculation and detailed overview per location where vehicles are stationed
  • Live visualization of vehicles, routes and freight with appropriate data
  • Calculation of break-even point of a fleet for CO₂-neutrality
  • Extensive filtering options to narrow down metrics, graphs and map
Understanding environmental performance

Simple insights into environmental balance of a fleet, locations and vehicles

Making decisions better

Investigate market, policy, or research questions without field counts or surveys.

Looking at specific events

Easily filter by day, time, weather or other metadata to instantly understand anomalies.

Detect anomalies immediately

Verification of assumptions and the actions then taken to be able to react immediately.

Historical comparison

Easily see how traffic changes. With the help of the historical graph.

Share results

Keep stakeholders and decision makers in the picture by sharing analysis results.

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