The Stadtwerke Norderstedt offer electricity, gas, water, heating and fiber-optic internet in the Schleswig-Holstein town of Norderstedt. Since 2020, they have also been operating an e-bike sharing scheme called "BewegungUmdenken" for sustainable employee mobility. For this purpose, 50 pedelecs are offered at 4 locations, which are available to the employees of the Stadtwerke Norderstedt and employees of the city administration. The project aims to find out which criteria are neccessary for a socially viable and robust mobility concept of the future to meet strict sustainability goals. By not only replacing employee car journeys with the pedelecs, but also by climate-neutral charging of the bikes with surplus wind power, Stadtwerke Norderstedt are becoming an important pioneer and future driver on the subject of sustainable mobility and are doing crucial pioneering work.

"It was particularly important to us when integrating the MIA Mobility Engine for data evaluation that a distinction can be made between a business and private trip in order to better understand how the trip type changes the mobility of our employees."
explains Thorsten Meyer, project lead at Stadtwerke Norderstedt.

The MIA Mobility Engine, is a software-as-a-service data analysis platform for mobility companies and city governments.

Data can be easily imported into the platform and further processed by predefined or custom made analyses, that will give an insight into the mobility. In doing so, the platform can process trip data from a wide variety of mobility forms, such as car sharing, public transport, bike sharing or even new micromobility.
Stadtwerke Norderstedt imports the movement data of its "BewegungUmdenken" fleet into the platform. They use the trip analysis module from the many modules in the MIA Mobility Engine, such as intelligent redistribution, station placement, predictive maintenance, incentive systems or group movement analyses. The trip analysis module is a view that visualizes the relative and absolute frequency of use for each road segment used, as well as the average speed for those road segments. The project managers can thus easily understand where and how mobility of employees from Stadtwerke Norderstedt takes place.

The MIA Mobility Engine supports versatile filter options as standard for all analysis modules, which can be used to make such distinctions. Filtering can be done not only by time, date and distance, but also by other customer-specific trip metadata.

"The privacy of our employees is very important to us." explains Sandra Junck, who is also involved in the "BewegungUmdenken" project. "Therefore, it was particularly important to us that no personal data is factored into the analyses, so that analysis results do not allow conclusions to be drawn about individual riders and can thus be shared without hesitation, for example, with urban planners."

For this, the MIA Mobility Engine relies on servers in Germany to meet the highest German data protection requirements. Since the privacy of the users is paramount in the MIA Mobility Engine, the customer instances are separated from each other on all levels. This way we ensure that no sensitive customer data gets into the wrong hands and exclusively provides only the customer with the biggest insight.

The MIA Mobility Engine, which shows a section of the Schleswig-Holstein city of Norderstedt. In yellow you can see routes of cyclists.

The MIA Mobility Engine helps to analyze and sustainably change the infrastructure and use of road spaces. At a glance, traffic flows can be analyzed in real time and measures can be based on this data. The collection of traffic flow data is no longer done manually, but completely automatic in the background by the modern bike fleet of Stadtwerke Norderstedt. The collected data is evaluated by the MIA Mobility Engine with intelligent self-learning algorithms and processed graphically in an easy-to-understand way using state-of-the-art technology. In doing so, the MIA Mobility Engine relies on the know-how of today and uses current scientific methods devised by the founders of the MIA map intelligence agency.

What can the MIA Mobility Engine do for your city?

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