Mobility can be so simple. Capture the many mobility options right outside your door at a glance. Help your employees and guests make the journey from the company premises to their destination more sustainable.

MIA Mobility Monitor

The MIA Mobility Monitor makes mobility tangible. Whether e-scooters, bike-sharing, car-sharing or bus and train, the options for getting around today are more versatile than ever.

More Capturable

Immediately see which mobility can be used directly in front of the site without cumbersome searching in many different apps.

More Sustainable

58% of Germans would do without their own car altogether if there were better and more sustainable mobility options. The MIA Mobility Monitor draws attention to more sustainable, better mobility and supports the desire for more modern, sustainable mobility.

Technical Capabilities

Positively influence the CO₂ footprint of your company and your employees.


The data is always up to date, guaranteed by our high-performance server infrastructure.


Customizable to your use case. Modules and mobility providers can be activated individually.

Simple and Accessible

Immediately detect the mobility in front of the premises and make the decision on the means of transport within seconds.

Multiple traffic modes

Whether e-scooters, bikes, public transport or traffic volume. Simply visualized!


Adaptable to any location in Germany. Every location with its individual mobility spectrum is supported.


Only 99€ / month incl. monitor. Plus 449€ one-time setup. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Offer includes a 32 inch monitor, floor stand, setup and support. WLAN access is required for operation.