When you're revolutionizing how bike rides are taken by incentivizing users to swap coins for rewards, knowing where your users mobility is happening is important. That's why RydeUp has relied on MIA Mobility Engine since 2020.

We at RydeUp believe that climate-conscious cyclists should be rewarded. We offer an app that promotes bicycle usage and thus reduces the car-traffic volume within German cities. Collected RydeUp-Coins can be donated to ecological projects or used for discounts on selected products.
explains Niklas Krämer one of the CEOs of RydeUp.

Each week thousands of rides are being tracked by users of the RydeUp app. Together with cities, RydeUp is helping to base city-planning decisions on real-world data-evidence. The team is not only helping cities build better infrastructure for bikers around Europe but also helps businesses engage users by allowing them to sell discounts and offers for their virtual currency obtained by riding the bike.

The RydeUp success story

In 2019 the Aachen, Germany-based company began developing the RydeUp app which allows bike-users to track their rides, earn rewards for each kilometer ridden and exchange the rewards for offers and discounts from local businesses or donate them to non-profit organizations fighting social issues.

To make sure, that participating cities also profit from the gathered data, RydeUp started a pilot phase in August 2020 with MIA map intelligence agency to visualize bike rides and to gain actionable insights on infrastructure-use by bike riders. MIA Mobility Engine offers a centralized web-interface where different data analyses are available based on customer needs. RydeUp makes most use of the Heatmap module in the MIA Mobility Engine which visualizes ridership on a per-street level. The data can be freely inspected and filtered by time and day to allow for a fine-grained overview of street use. This data helps city administrators and urban planners verify the impact of measures implemented.

Cities count on data analyses

By employing MIA Mobility Engine for their data analysis needs, RydeUp could easily on-board employees of the city of Aachen, which gained instant access to the real-time visualization of bike-traffic in their city.

Especially during the rush hour you can see strong changes in the used roads. For the city the question for further features came up, they're very interested in the analyses, RydeUp CEO Niklas Krämer says.

Besides offering pre-built analyses which can be enabled for customers without requiring much change, MIA map intelligence agency also offers developing custom analyses to customer specification. By leveraging MIA's enormous experience of building high-quality data analyses, RydeUp has chosen a strong partner to power the data intelligence side of the business.

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