Analytics for mobility data

We help cities and businesses make data-driven decisions about mobility services and infrastructure.

The MIA Mobility Engine helps your organization use location-based data to drive decisions and processes. From station placement optimization, to fraud detection and passenger analytics, many pre-built modules are available.

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Data Import

You send us vehicle data and metadata in real time, or we simply import data once as a batch import.

Data Analysis

In the background, your data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms as it passes through our systems.


Machine learning results are available in our dashboard in real time, where they contribute to process optimization.

What’s your use case?

With our ready-made analysis modules, you can evaluate your data and integrate it into your own processes within a few days. If you wish, we can program modules according to your specifications.

Passenger Analysis

Analysis of trips with speed, direction and frequency.

Park time Analysis

Identification of traffic lights and traffic light sequences affecting driving.

Workshop Drive Optimization

Optimal deployment of personnel to complete field tasks.

Behaviour Analysis

Customer behavior predictions for optimal system efficiency.

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